Meet Gwen Combs


I am seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Congress from Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District. Congressman French Hill has voted against the best interest of everyday working men and women just like you and me. I believe this country was founded on a simple idea that every person deserves to be treated fairly and equally by each other and by their government, and that’s not happening in America anymore.

I’ve spoken to people across Arkansas who believe that Washington no longer works for the people from Little Rock to Jonesboro, from Saline County to Washington County; they all see a government more interested in stacking the deck than allowing every person a fair chance. I want to change that, and if you agree, I’d like your help to assure every American has a fair chance to make the most out of their hard work. Together we’ll fight for a fair jobs plan that puts people back to work by re-building our infrastructure, creates a 21st century energy economy, finances innovations that will stimulate job growth. We’ll work for an education system that prepares our citizens for high-skilled and GOOD PAYING jobs, for a fair tax code that says the middle class shouldn’t have to fund the tax breaks for the super-rich, and for fair housing policies that get people under water back on dry land and stabilizes the market.

It also means making sure the government doesn’t deny equality or fundamental rights. You can always count on me to fight for small businesses, seniors, veterans, millennials and you, to make sure you get the constituent service you’ve come to expect.

As a veteran, I proudly served our country and now, as an educator, I work just as hard to ensure that our children have everything they need to be the best they can be.

I led the Women’s March on Arkansas to send a message to Trump that Arkansans are here and we aren’t going anywhere! I founded Be the Change Alliance, bringing people and organizations together to achieve a mission to make this state a better place to live, start a family, start a career, and even do business.

As a community organizer, I worked to fight against the healthcare bill that would deny 32 Million Americans the right to healthcare.

It would be a privilege to represent the Great State of Arkansas in Congress. Public Service is an honor given in trust and that trust must be earned every day. That’s exactly what I intend to do. I hope you will join me to fight for the change and send a message to Washington.

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